The Community

Aditya Birla Minerals aims to take in environmental, social, heritage and community considerations during copper exploration and production operations. The company strives to meet Australian copper mining and exploration standards, whilst recognising community requirements in each district.

Aditya Birla Minerals believes community relations and support are integral to copper production activities and have a significant impact on future copper investment opportunities. Community support is crucial to long term operation and Aditya Birla Minerals strives to active a mutual respect with members of the community. The company aims to be open, honest and cooperative with issues and concerns to mine copper in WA, and ensures such issues are addressed in an effective manner.

Community Engagement and Consultation

Aditya Birla Minerals has mechanisms in place to ensure the company gains an understanding of the views, concerns and aspirations of the community. The company aims to address these issues before commencement of copper production and exploration and looks towards undertaking research to help gauge the issues and attitudes towards Aditya Birla Minerals and its’ copper mining in Australia.

Aditya Birla Minerals undertakes community and environmental development programs to maximise copper investment opportunities for all involved. The company is committed to regular communication with surrounding neighbours of the copper mine in WA  to ensure they provide feedback relating to the copper production.

The Birla Nifty Western Australian copper mine was established in 1981, but was taken over by Aditya Birla Minerals in 2003. Since then diligent copper production commenced; Aditya Birla Minerals committed to community understanding and welfare. The Birla Mt Gordon copper mine began in 1982, later operated by Aditya Birla Minerals in 2003. Copper exploration tenements were acquired surrounding the region, obtained for future exploration operations.

Each copper mine has been established to deliver strong copper investment opportunities, providing environmental copper exploration and production that meets the needs of the community.

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