The Environment

Aditya Birla Minerals aims to preserve or restore the long-term health, function and viability of the natural environments affected by its copper production and exploration operations . The company’s key environmental impacts relate to:

  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • use of scarce natural resources
  • the effect of land use change on biodiversity and landscape functions
  • waste and tailings management
  • emissions to water and air
  • rehabilitation and management of closed sites

Aditya Birla Minerals is committed to minimising these impacts throughout the life of the operation at the copper mine and aims to rehabilitate land once operations have ceased. Aditya Birla Minerals aims to use copper resources in a sustainable manner, ensuring both copper exploration and production activities are undertaken to the highest environmental standards.

Aditya Birla Minerals priorities are to use resources such as energy and water efficiently, minimise our impacts on biodiversity and landscape functions, and reduce waste and emissions including greenhouse gases. Correct water and land management is integral to copper mining in Australia, which is why Aditya Birla Minerals takes every care to ensure Western Australian exploration is managed in an environmentally efficient manner.

Aditya Birla Minerals has systems in place to ensure all our operations reach the high environmental standards we demand and that are expected by governments, industry bodies and other organisations.

The sustainability assurance program is the framework for copper production and exploration throughout Australia. Each copper mine in WA is audited to comply with the highest environmental standards. Through the controlled measurements, Aditya Birla Minerals utilises copper resources in an efficient manner, maximising copper investment opportunities for future generations. Achievement of these objectives, together with continuation of the consultative process with affiliated companies, stakeholders and the expected economic return to the community, will ensure consistency with the objectives for copper mining in Australia.

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